Altrusa of Delta has provided books to our community from newborns to seniors. We feel it is never too early or too late to read and improve yourself. When an opportunity arises, we also have helped schools in the Dominican Republic and an orphanage in Jamaica. Twice we have sent toiletries and school items to Jamaica, and an Altrusan who is a retired dental hygenist went on one trip to provide checkups and cleanings.

*Each month we deliver 25-30 books to the Stork's Landing (maternity ward) at Delta County Memorial Hospital. Janet Burgess, on left, is in charge of this task force.

*We give coloring books and crayons to the DCMHospital to distribute to children. Pictured is Demeris York (literacy new projects task force) and Kathy Sramek, education coordinator DCMH.

*We also provide books to inmates are the correctional facility in a progam called Read to a Child. The man is recorded reading a book, then the cassette tape and book (and often some coloring books) are mailed to his child.