Mission Statement - To plan and execute a few exceptional and highly profitable fund-raising events in the community to fulfill budget commitments involving all members.

Cindy Hansen- CHAIR (email:
 Natira Orr     -Vice Chair 


Mission Statement - To encourage membership retention by promoting peace, harmony and courtesy among our members.  We encourage strong partnerships between new members and their sponsors; we will have fun, and attract at least 6 new members.

Ann Eddins - CHAIR (email:
Who Willbe - Vice Chair

Members:  Danielle Angotti, Debbie Atchley, Kristi Attarian, Dorothy Dunfelder, Debi Groda, Kim Guthrie-Burch, Daphne Harding, Lea R. Hart, Sunny Howland, Ute Jantz, Helen Jurca, Merna Ray, Jo Rosenquist, Yvonne Rowland, Dianne Sales, Nancy Stevens.

Mission Statement - To realize our potential as a dedicated service organization in targeting community needs for all ages by supporting financially, and with volunteer hours: Literacy, Education, Youth Leadership, and Our Environment, as well as service projects in Delta County and the international community. 

Jackie Allinson - CHAIR (email:
 Thelma Starner - Vice Chair


ission Statement - To efficiently communicate Altrusa's goals by informing the Membership and the Community.

Vicki Ripp        - CHAIR (email:
Jo Rosenquist    - Vice Chair



Members:                                         - Foundation Representative to Board

Rusty Gavels

CHAIR - Jackie Schoonover

Members:  Janet Burgess, Lucky Cox, Dorothy Dunfelder, Rene'e Eaton, Vivian Gibson, Phyllis Goad, Nancy Hovde, Liz Quintana, Jackie Schoonover, Jessica Shaffer, Linda Sorenson, Thelma Starner, Nancy Stevens, Becky Tallent, Amanda Twamley., Jo Rosenquist, Demeris York, Merna Ray, Debbie Atchley.


DELTA HIGH SCHOOL  -  Linda Dysart

CEDAREDGE HIGH SCHOOL  -  Linda Dysart and Willyn Webb