As a reminder to all members, no matter which committee you have chosen to serve on, you are always welcome to join any of the task forces (and hence those projects) we have during the year. For more information about any task force, please contact the person listed or email the Service Chair.


Abraham Connection - Jeannie Brown


ASTRA CHS - Willyn Webb w/Tanya

Christmas at the Fort - Vicki Ripp

GED-Thelma Starner

Valley Youth Orchestra –  Finance Committee - Cindy Lonis

Book Distribution -

Baby First Books/Coloring books - Crystal Hansen

Literacy Department of Corrections Read to a child –  Cindy Lonis
Food Pantry –  Karen Basher

Scholarships - Adult - Kami Collins

Scholarships –  ASTRA-Kami Collins

Service Hours - Book at meetings

Hilltop Resource Center -  Jo Rosenquist

We Care Bags-

Days for Girls